Thursday, February 16, 2017

Norseman Drill Bits and Cutting Tools

Norseman Drill Bits & Cutting Tools
Norseman Drill Bit

Cutting-Edge Top Quality Cutting Tools Made in the USA

Here at Albany County Fasteners we are proud to announce our new line of Norseman CTD Manufactured Drill Bits and Cutting Tools to help with the installation of the fasteners that we are known for. As an authorized Norseman Distributor, we are the first to hear about exciting and innovative new products from Norseman, and pass the information on to our great customers! We are a proud distributor of Norseman cutting tools including drill bits, taps, hole cutters, bolt extractors and more!

Magnum Super Premium Drill Bits

The majority of Norseman Drill Bits that we offer are jobber length, and are Magnum Super Premium tool steel. Norseman Magnum Drills are engineered to have a substantially longer cutting life than standard high speed steel or cobalt drill bits. Magnum drills are nitro-carburized flute for an increased Rockwell Hardness, as well as being specifically designed to cut through harder metals. The split point design of the drill tip is flatter than standard, which makes a smaller chip into the metal that is being drilled into. This means that more of the drill's torque is being applied into a smaller area which allows drilling into metals over 30 Rockwell C. Magnum drill bits feature a 135 degree point which stops drill walking, as well as allowing the drill to run cooler and use less torque. The point makes less heat, and the bits themselves are treated to reduce friction.
Norseman Drill Bits

In addition to the Magnum Bits, Norseman is also developing new bits with state of the art features including cryogenic frozen bits which are treated this way for maximum hardness and sharpness, as well as combination drill and taps in one bit and more. Norseman bits are generally available in sets (however they do also come as singles), with various convenient features including carrying cases, matching taps, and left hand drills for bolt extraction. Overall, we are happy to both stock these innovative bits, as well as use them in our own reviews, videos and shop. Check Out the Norseman CTD line Today

Product Spotlight: Combination Tap and Drill Bits

We LOVE these bits. They are easy to use and they are great time-savers. They drill and tap a hole at the same time which turns two steps into one (obviously a great time saver!). Picture installing a Piano Hinge for metal doors or other metal work. Each hinge can be feet long with a number of holes. By combining the bit, Norseman has cut the time for this job in half. Check out our review and demonstration below and check out these bits today!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Decking Season is Coming...

Stainless Steel Deck Screws, Post Caps, Joist Hangers and More

As the snow begins to melt and spring comes upon is it means one thing here at Albany County Fasteners: Decking Season is coming!

As decking season swings into action we are proud to announce our expanding line of decking solutions including new product launches to better serve our customers who are active in decking projects.

Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Stainless Steel Deck Screws
Stainless Steel Deck Screws are essentially wood screws with a flat head and a notched type 17 point which allows for an easy installation in wood and composite deck materials. Deck Screws in our selection feature a square drive to eliminate screw stripping and allow for high torque installation to save time and money on replacing stripped out screws. Deck screws feature either a bugle or countersunk flat head for flush installation with decking beams, posts and boards in wood or composite. Our deck screws are available in 305 Stainless Steel and in 316 Stainless Steel to resist rust and effects of an exterior application. For quick and easy installation we recommend using a Titanium Nitrided premium power bit.

Check Out Our Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Decking Post Bases

Decking Post Base
Decking post bases are designed to be anchored to concrete and hold a vertical beam or post to their footings. Decking Post Bases are available in 316 Stainless Steel and commonly used in conjunction with stainless steel wedge anchors. Check out Our installation video here. Each Post Base connector comes with a square washer (Two square washers for 8x8 sizes) to secure the concrete anchor and a stand-off plate to cover the anchor's head so a hole doesn't need to be cut in the underside of the wood that connects to the post base. Provides a high uplift capacity.

All Decking Post Base Anchors in this selection are made of 316 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance. 316 Stainless Steel is well suited for applications in severe, harsh, or marine environments.

Check Out Our Stainless Steel Decking Post Bases

Decking Post Caps

Decking Post Caps
Post Cap Anchors are used to secure a wood post to a support beam. Used with nails to secure the post cap connection between a wood column and a wood beam. Post caps are essential for supporting and building a deck. Should only be installed with 316 Stainless Steel Nails to maintain product warranty.

Post Cap Anchors come in one-piece and adjustable two-piece designs.
All Decking Post Base Anchors in this selection are made of 316 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance. 316 Stainless Steel is well suited for applications in severe, harsh, or marine environments.

Check Out Our Stainless Steel Decking Post Caps

Decking Joist Hangers

Joist Hangers are framing connectors used for decking applications. These are metal angles or straps used to support and fix the ends of wood or timber joists to beams or girders. They are typically used to help form the floor on decking applications and are attached to the ledger board of a deck, anchoring themselves and the joists to the deck framing. Joist Hangers wrap around three sides of a joist forming the parallel pattern often seen that make up deck floors, prior to being covered.

In decking applications, the height of a joist hanger should match the depth of the joist being used.
The number of holes in a given joist hanger dictate the amount of nails expected to be used to make a secure connection. In addition, joist hangers are designed with special holes for Double-Shear nailing, or "toe-nailing," to provide a very strong connection to the joists being fastened. If installed correctly, joist hangers will keep decks and floors strong as the wood dries, twists, shrinks, and ages.
Decking Joist Hangers are available in Standard, Concealed Flange, and Skewed Varieties, all in corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel.

 It is not recommended to mix metals during application. For example, a stainless steel joist hanger should be used with the same grade of stainless steel nails. In addition, only nails should be used when installing joist hangers.
Stainless Steel Joist Hangers

Check Out Our Stainless Steel Joist Hangers

Happy Decking!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Self Drilling Screws - Sheet Metal Screws with a TEK Drill Point

Self Drilling Screws

Also Known as TEK Screws, Drill Point, Self Drillers and Self Tapping
Roofing Screws
Self Drilling Roofing Screws

No Matter what you may call them, a Self Drilling Screw is a time saver! Self Drilling screws feature a distinct flute or drill point at the end of each screw, as well as self tapping threads to turn a three step installation into one quick job. The TEK drill point, as well as the self tapping threads of the screw eliminate the need for pilot hole drilling and hole tapping before screw installation. Self Drilling Screws are used primarily when fastening into steel or other metals, and are typically used to join materials like sheet metal.

Self Drilling Screws are primarily made of harder metals, or treated to make the material harder. Typical materials include hardened Zinc Plated Steel, and 410 Stainless Steel. This is to ensure that the drill point is a harder metal than that into which the screw is being installed. 410 Stainless Steel is ideal for Self Drilling Screws because it maintains the corrosion resistant properties of standard 18-8 Stainless, but can be heat treated up to 40 Rockwell C. This is why self drilling screws are are commonly used in roofing applications in combination with a watertight neoprene sealing washer, and for attaching metal roofing and siding panels to metal stud framing.

Not All TEK Screws are Created Equal

The distinguishing drill point of a Self Driller is what makes them unique, however these points come in different lengths for different applications. The Drill Point of one of these screws is given a TEK number, which can be determined by the length of the flute. TEK points are available in TEK 2, 3 and 4-5. The typical 25 to 16 gauge metal will require the use of a TEK 3, but 14 gauge and below will require TEK 4-5. This is why TEK 5 screws are used for fastening into structural steel. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the TEK number (the longer the drill point), the thicker the metal. It is fundamental that the point is high enough on the TEK scale to pierce the metal being drilled into.
pancake head self drilling screws
TEK 3 Pancake Head Self Drillers
TEK 5 Hex Head Self Drillers

For More information on Self Drilling Screws, including seeing them in action, check out our video below

Friday, February 3, 2017

Tapcon Masonry Screws

Tapcon Masonry Screws

Tapcon Masonry Anchors
Phillips Flat Head

What are Tapcons?

Tapcons are a type of masonry anchor used for light duty fastening to concrete, brick, block and other masonry materials. They are commonly called Concrete Screws because of their appearance and how they function. Like all Masonry Anchors, Tapcon Concrete Screws are installed into a hole drilled into the material. They are available in both Slotted Hex Head and Phillips Flat Head varieties.

Tapcon Screws work by tapping threads into a preexisting hole with advanced threadform technology. The threads of the screw cut into the material surrounding the hole, ensuring a strong and snug fit. The diameter of the pilot hole is determined by the diameter of the screw. It is important that the hole be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw so that the threads can tap properly. For 3/16" diameter Tapcon Screws, a 5/32" drill bit is used for the hole and for 1/4" Tapcons a 3/16" masonry drill bit is used. Tapcon Concrete Screws are removable, however it is not recommended to reuse the same hole because the cutting threads can compromise or destroy the holding power.
Tapcon Masonry Screws
Slotted Hex Head

Tapcons are most commonly seen in the Blue Climaseal™ ceramic coating finish. This blue coating is uniquely applied to the alloy steel fastener in multiple stages through dip-spin technology. The coating provides extended protection against corrosion and rust for the fastener, making the concrete anchors suitable for exterior and long lasting applications.

Check Out Our Selection of Tapcon Concrete Screws Today! - Fasteners 101 YouTube Channel

Fasteners 101 - Fastener and Hardware Information

Our YouTube Channel has Launched!

For the latest Fastener Information, Hardware Demonstrations and Tool Reviews be sure to check out Our YouTube Channel!

Here, we are launching several videos to demonstrate fastener basics and answer commonly asked questions. We have a growing library of product reviews, installation demonstrations, instructional videos and more for all things Fastener related!

Be sure to leave your comments and send us your requests and check back daily to see new videos as we upload them. If there is a product review or video that you would like to see us create, tell us! We love to hear your suggestions.

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